Finding Happiness Movie: A Review

There seems to be no other purpose greater in life than the pursuit for happiness, for true fulfillment and joy. What a world it would be if we were all able to finally be happy in ourselves, and to share how to find this happiness with others.

We all agree that it is a wonderful ideal way to be, but is it possible?

The answer to this is yes.

The Finding Happiness movie depicts the thousands of people who have already successfully come together to live in this way– living lives dedicated to finding true and lasting happiness, founded on the ideal of ananda, that happiness comes from within.

Finding Happiness Movie Trailer:


These individuals each came to the same point in life where they had to ask themselves the question, “Am I really living my life to be happy?”

And when they realized the answer was “no,” they decided to search for another way of life that could give them a way to find the happiness they were really seeking.

When they arrived at a place called Ananda, “ananda” is a Sanskrit word which literally means “bliss,” they learned about this new way of life.

Ananda represents a way of life where being happy is not just a possibility but a beautiful reality.

The reality is that when we can get in touch with this inner joy and fulfillment, we don’t feel a need to look to things outside of ourselves. Instead of a complicated, unfulfilling, or stressful life, the individuals in the Finding Happiness movie are living simple, high-minded and conscientious, fulfilling lives.

Each day they practice meditation and yoga, and bring the feeling of inner joy and peace they receive through these practices into all outward activities: their friendships, schools, businesses, the arts, and maintaining proper diet and exercise.  This yogic lifestyle allows for a harmonic balance in body, mind, and soul.

Ananda is truly an ideal that represents a new way of life based on the principles of simple living and high-minded thinking: whether it’s living more simply and closer to nature, working next door to one’s children while they are at school, or feeling a sense of deep connection to one’s co-workers and neighbors. These are all things that the movie shows are an integral part of Ananda life.

Ananda is a Living Example of How to Bring Spirituality into Daily Life

Ananda is a way to spiritualize day to day activities by always aspiring to bring that inner joy, peacefulness, and harmony into everything we do and with everyone we meet. It is a way to inspire each individual to continue to become the greatest expression of their higher, happier Self.

It is what we can and should all aspire to do.

The Finding Happiness Movie shows us how to begin the journey to finding happiness right now, in this moment. It shows us what is possible and encourages us all to start living for happiness now.

History of the Ananda Spiritual Communities

Ananda began as an ideal based on the spiritual teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi (the best-selling spiritual classic and only book on Steve Jobb’s iPad). Yogananda came to the US to teach us all how to access our own innate sense of true happiness. He said we could find the “greatest happiness” by going back to leading a simple life with others who share high-minded ideals like kindness, honesty, and helping one another. That by joining together, as we each work on finding our own inner happiness, we could support and uplift one another.

One of his last living disciples, Swami Kriyananda, took these teachings and brought them into reality, by founding the first Ananda community in the US. Today there are eight spiritual communities all over the world, including the US, India, and Italy.

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