The Inner Reward

There is a general feeling that the outer reward is the ultimate reward. When in truth, no matter what energy we put out, this outer reward may never come. Sometimes the greatest reward will come to us on the inside.

This inner reward can be felt in meditation as joy or the deepest calm we’ve ever experienced. It is the best reward. And it is mysterious, often unseen, except in the bright eyes and subtle smiles of the souls who know it and live it. This sort of reward is kept sacred and hidden. For it is nothing of this world. In fact, once this inner reward is thought of as a reward, it becomes an outer reward and dissipates into the ether. It is fleeting in the restless vibrations of form and matter.

A soul may choose to undergo great karmic tests in its immediate lifetime that do not sow an outer reward in the way most of us think it ought to be: in the form of a big house, a great job, or a fairytale, happily-ever-after relationship. That soul, rather, is seeking the inner reward that comes from the energetic challenges in these tests. When these challenges are overcome —when one chooses willfully and powerfully to rise above instead of sinking into them, drowning in worries and negativity—that soul gains the power to peel away layer by layer the vortices of energy that take form as emotions, reactions…ego…

This process repeats itself again and again, life after life, until one realizes that there is no “me” to be affected, and instead blossoms into a conscious awakening or Self-realization.

The soul observer who watches the lila— life as a play—and takes away the personal aspect of one who is being affected has the chance to flower into the enlightened being: one who just is.

This state of being maintains the greatest reward: the inner treasure of bliss—divine joy that is unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds. That inner reward cannot be taken away from us.

This divine joy is given to all who choose to realize the inner reality beheld in the light of our soul. Our true nature is thus, if we could only turn off the desire to seek happiness outside of ourselves. Praise is delusion for God is the doer. Money is not real for Divine Energy is our true benefactor. Pain and suffering are gateways to Joy if we dive deep enough.

These truths are ours to realize and to know.

The omnipresent inner reward awaits each one of us in our hearts.

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