The Little Sparrow

I walked outside to energize and do a brief meditation and on my way back I saw a little bird who had just passed from hitting the window of the building where I work, so I picked it up with a little piece of bark and leaf — carrying it to a nearby patch of pink roses, laying little pink petals over its body and eyes. I kept thinking of the meaning from the Universe behind this cherished moment.
I then thought of the line from Paramhanasa Yogananda’s poem *Samadhi* — “The sparrow, each grain of sand, fall not without my sight,”– in which Divine Mother (the Cosmic Love of the Universe) reminds us let go of our little worries, for She is with us in each and every moment. This thought inspired a poem from Divine Mother to her little sparrows:
I am with you in each moment
Walking through you
Acting through you
In all that you do.
It Is I.
I am Thou.
Thou art mine.
Soft petals of devotion you lay at my feet.
Feel me guiding you.
Feel me loving you.
Thou art mine.
My heart is with you.
My heart Is you.
Thou art mine.

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