Be a Part of Something Greater: Amplify and Unify

Learn how membership in the For Joy Collective can support the success of your creative endeavors through our social media and digital marketing collective. 

What Are the Benefits of Membership?

For Joy Collective is looking for innovative, creative, and spiritually-minded individuals who alone, may reach hundreds of people online through their social media accounts or online stores, but brought together within a collective, have the potential to reach thousands or more!

What does it mean to join the For Joy Collective? By joining a like-minded account via our Collective, we will post marketing content on your behalf across a variety of platforms, reaching new people and helping them learn about your work and what you have to share.

By utilizing an account that includes many creative individuals with a similar vibration, For Joy Collective will be a united force—much stronger and farther reaching. In turn,  as a member—whether an author, artist, musician, spiritually-minded small business owner or entrepreneur, healer, craftsperson, cook, yoga retreat, or meditation teacher—you gain back time to dedicate to your on artistic endeavors, leaving the digital marketing and online store administration to experts who champion your success. 

All the social media content we create will uplift and inspire those who see it, thus we not only support one another as members of the For Joy Collective which enables our growth together, but we also will help all those touched by our posts, products, or services.

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What's Included in Membership?

All members receive customized digital marketing content through our Collective's platform which currently includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube where applicable. Learn more about customization.

Our supporting marketing activities will vary based on subscription tier, ranging from writing weekly social media posts (long or short in length), to running ads, writing blogs, producing video reviews and content, live streaming and "stories." We also offer online store listings for products across the leading sales and social media store platforms.

Posts will be designed strategically to share messages of joy and inspiration, and promote our members and what they have to give. 

In addition, each member will be individually interviewed and a uniquely crafted profile piece will be featured on our website for greater search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities. We will link to your website or personal social media accounts and will do keyword research for you, to better strategize on your behalf.

Finally, members also receive special access to educational tips to make our collective as a whole—even stronger and more successful. It will also be an opportunity to feature one another's work and support others' creativity and innovation. 

  • For an artist, this could include weekly posts with inspirational stories or quotes relative to the painting being shared.
  • For a cook, a how-to post along with a magnetic image reflecting the new skill being taught to the audience.
  • For an author, a powerful excerpt from their book based on content that is keyword optimized for a topic relevant to our spiritually-attuned audience.
  • For a yoga retreat, a yoga posture for chronic back pain video clip.
  • For a publishing house, a special campaign focusing on three strategic books fitting to our already established audience.

Posts will thus be designed strategically to share messages of joy and inspiration, as well as share more about our members and what they have to give.

Every member package includes posts across all the major social media sites.

Higher level packages also include online store listings on eBay, Etsy (when applicable), Instagram, and Facebook. Each of these unique product or service listings will be search engine optimized (SEO). 

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How Will the Collective Accomplish Your Unique Goals?

Each member will be specially interviewed and given a profile piece on for greater SEO opportunities, such as linking to members' websites or personal social media accounts. We will provide the keyword research and strategize content accordingly.

We will also tag all social media posts for those with individual accounts specifically, to allow for greater networking opportunities and even greater impact.

Members will also receive special access to educational tips to make our collective as a whole stronger and more successful. It will also be an opportunity to feature one another's work and support others' creativity and innovation.

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What Is the Level of Digital Marketing Experience We Have?

For Joy Collective is led by over 10 years of digital marketing expertise backed in quantitative and qualitative research methodology as well as an intuitive understanding of the art of communicating. 

Founder Kalamali is well known for her specialization in social media and SEO, working with individuals and nonprofit organizations around the world and successfully completing one of the most successful integrated digital marketing campaigns for Autobiography of a Yogi

In future, Kalamali hopes to represent collective members on a global scale, and to share inspirational communications strategies based on yoga success principles all over the world. 

Our collective is especially motivated to spread the creative and uplifting content of our members during this time of great need on Earth—filling the newsfeeds of social media with positive messages full of hope, beauty, and joy.

We hope to use each post we create as a point of light that can go out and touch the heart of someone—forever changing their lives for the better.

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